NEW EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for the Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010


  • Why climate change is responsible for claiming over 300,000 lives each year
  • Why virtually every country is vulnerable to climate change, with over 50 countries acutely at risk
  • Cost-effective measures exist for dealing with every major climate stress


The Executive Summary highlights salient information from the Climate Vulnerability Monitor in a comprehensive and accessible form. It lays bare the sheer scale and breadth of the climate change related impacts we face today.

Climate suffering is global and unless measures are taken, the next 20 years will see explosive growth in every climate impact. But we are not powerless. While almost every country has high vulnerability in one major climate impact area, much damage caused by climate change is still readily preventable by a wide range of adaptation techniques.

Download the Executive Summary (English, Spanish, French) or the Complete Report

This report provides a basis for discussion and debate on key vulnerabilities resulting from climate change, thereby enabling policy makers and the public to bring the issues of impacts and vulnerabilities into the mainstream of policymaking. Against that objective this report makes a major contribution.”

Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the IPCC, Director General of TERI

Download Poster and compare climate impacts across the world for every country, 2010 and 2030

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