• A hotter earth is already causing widespread damage and death.
  • Unless measures are taken, the next 20 years will see explosive growth in every major climate impact.
  • Most impacts are highly concentrated especially on children and the poor.
  • Almost every country has high vulnerability to one major climate impact.
  • Much damage caused by climate change is still readily preventable.
  • Low human development increases vulnerability to climate change while climate change threatens key development goals.
  • Tackling climate change is a major opportunity.


  • Danger is present. Responses are cost-effective. Inaction is unconscionable.
  • Immediately reinforce responses to major climate-sensitive health concerns: malnutrition, diarrheal infections, and malaria.
  • Reinforce national plans to limit climate impacts.
  • Expand human and gender development efforts in most-vulnerable countries.
  • Invest in filling urgent research gaps.
  • Widely disseminate the Climate Vulnerability Monitor’s findings.

Climate Vulnerability Monitor findings and recommendations