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The Climate Vulnerability Monitor assesses the impact of climate change on 184 countries, providing a global overview of our vulnerability to climate change. It provides fair estimates of the types of impacts we are already facing. It also shows where those impacts are taking place — with most of the harm falling on already poor and vulnerable communities. The Monitor also captures our evolving vulnerability, which is on the rapid increase globally.

Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010

The Monitor takes a new approach to assessing the climate vulnerability of the world and its regions, countries and communities. Its analysis is built around four distinct climate impact areas, five levels — called factors — of vulnerability to climate change, and two points in time, 2010 and 2030.

Climate Impact Areas

Health Impact – additional mortality to climate sensitive diseases

Weather Disasters – additional mortality and damage in storms, floods and wildfires

Habitat Loss – additional loss of human habitat to rising seas, and degrading arid lands

Economic Stress – extra losses in the primary/agricultural sectors of the economy and to key natural resources

Climate Vulnerability Factors

Acute (most vulnerable category)




Low (least vulnerable category)