Who we are

Fifteen years supporting principled humanitarian action

Founded in 2003, DARA is an independent non-profit organisation committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian action for vulnerable populations affected by armed conflict and natural disasters.

Our evaluations, research and policy studies provide clear analyses and findings so that humanitarian actors can improve their performance

Through our work we encourage organisations to reflect on the impact of their work and help them make evidence-based decisions at the policy, strategy and programming levels, and in critical moments of delivering assistance.

DARA actively promotes humanitarian principles, learning and accountability, and supports innovative approaches.

In our work with governments, UN agencies, NGOs, and other actors in over 60 crisis-affected countries, too often we have found that the reality on the ground does not match political commitments and declarations.

Gaps in the delivery of humanitarian response include:

  • A lack of respect for humanitarian principles and space
  • Increased encroachment of political and military actors on the humanitarian domain
  • Unpredictable and uneven funding among crises
  • Increased financial controls and reporting obligations that inhibit risk-taking and flexibility among operational agencies
  • Insufficient attention to the role of local actors in delivering humanitarian response

DARA is registered as an independent, non-profit organisation in Spain, has 501(c)(3) status in the United States and is recognised as an international organisation in Switzerland.

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