Donor scores: Portugal

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Portugal ranked penultimate (22nd) in the 2008 HRI. The country ranked 18th in Pillar 2, second to last (22nd) in Pillars 3 and 5, and last in Pillar 1. In terms of the Index’s individual indicators, Portugal ranked first in unearmarked funding, second in involvement of beneficiaries in design and implementation, and 4th in involvement of beneficiaries in monitoring and evaluation and facilitating safe humanitarian access. However, it ranked last in distribution of funding relative to ECHO’s Crisis and Vulnerability Indices, reallocating funds from other crises, strengthening disaster preparedness, funding to NGOs, and in affirming the primary role of civilian organisations. It also ranked second to last for generosity of humanitarian assistance. As the scores show, there is a considerable disparity between the GHD Principles and Portugal’s actual humanitarian policies and practices.

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