Donor scores: Austria

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Austria is ranked 21st in the 2008 HRI. Austria’s low overall position is due to its consistently low ranking across the Pillars: 19th in Pillars 1 and 4, 21st in Pillar 3 and 20th in the remainder. In terms of specific indicators, Austria was top ranked in sectoral distribution of funding through UN appeals and distribution of funding relative to ECHO’s Crisis and Vulnerability Indices, second in funding crisis countries with historical ties and geographical proximity, fifth in strengthening local capacity for response and mitigation and 8th in helping governments and local communities achieve better coordination. It ranked last in alignment to long-term development aims and flexible funding, and second to last in reallocation of funds from other crises, timely funding to complex emergencies with UN appeals, and donor engagement in protection and assistance to civilians. Austria clearly has much room for improvement suggesting that it might benefit from a comprehensive review of its policy framework in light of the GHD Principles.

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