Donor scores: Australia

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Australia is ranked 11th in the 2008 HRI. Australia ranked best compared to its peers in Pillars 2 and 4 – 6th in both – and worst – 13th – in Pillar 3. In breaking down the Index by individual indicator, Australia ranked among the top donors for funding needs assessments, timely funding, promoting the ICRC, supporting needs of internally displaced persons and facilitating safe humanitarian access. However, it ranked 21st in funding crisis countries with historical ties and geographical proximity, 19th in funding NGOs, 18th in unearmarked funding, 17th in donor engagement in protection of and assistance to civilians and 15th in respecting or promoting human rights. On the other hand, Australia is perceived as providing timely funding, confirmed by its high rankings for all three timeliness indicators in the Pillar. It is also judged to have ample donor capacity (5th). On the positive side, Australia’s scores reflect its strong support for needs assessments and the timeliness of its funding procedures. Its regional funding policy however, appears contrary to the spirit of the GHD.

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