Donor scores: United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is ranked 8th in the 2008 HRI. The UK ranked 5th and 6th in Pillars 5 and 3 but only achieved 12th in Pillar 4 and 10th in Pillar 1. The UK scores in specific indicators include top rankings in sectoral distribution of funding through UN appeals, funding to CERF and other quick disbursement mechanisms, and funding to NGOs. It also ranked third in involvement of beneficiaries in monitoring and evaluation. However, it scored 18th in funding to crisis countries with historical ties and geographical proximity, 17th in distribution of funding relative to ECHO’s Crisis and Vulnerability Indices, and 14th in implementing human rights law.

At the field level, the UK is on the whole perceived by operational agencies as a good donor. It rarely scores below the average, with the exception being questions relating to the independence of funding from political or economic (and depending on the crisis, military) objectives, the protection and assistance of civilians, indicators around the aims and objectives of humanitarian action, ongoing support to crises, and earmarked funding. On the other hand, it is perceived as having good capacity for informed decision-making, and as encouraging beneficiary participation in all elements of the project cycle. Furthermore, it scores well in supporting the role of NGOs, the UN and the ICRC – reflecting a good balance of its funding to multilateral funding mechanisms. It also does well in supporting learning and accountability initiatives, and in encouraging regular evaluations, reflecting its reputation for its engagement with issues of improving quality, performance and accountability in the sector.

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