Donor scores: New Zealand

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New Zealand is ranked 13th in the 2008 HRI and, as a small donor, has done well at finding a niche for itself in the OECD/DAC group. Its highest ranking by Pillar is a 4th place position in Pillar 2 but it is 14th in Pillars 3 and 4 and 16th in Pillar 5. New Zealand ranked first in the indicator for funding to strengthen local capacity, ensuring rapid recovery of sustainable livelihoods, helping governments and local communities achieve better coordination, reducing earmarking and flexible funding. This contrasts with the overall negative trend in these areas. On the other hand, it ranked 21st in both involvement of beneficiaries in monitoring and evaluation and funding to NGOs, and 19th in funding in proportion to need, commitment to on-going crises, and funding to international disaster risk mitigation mechanisms.

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