Donor scores: Ireland

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Ireland is ranked 4th in the 2008 HRI. In the rankings by Pillars, Ireland ranked 4th in Pillars 1 and 3, but did less well in Pillar 4 where it received a 15th place ranking. In terms of some of the specific indicators, Ireland ranks first for funding UN coordination activities and for funding UN appeals. Ireland is the top donor by size for funding to CERF and other pooled mechanisms. It also stands out for providing flexible funding through its 6th place in unearmarked funding and its 2nd for perceived flexibility. It has good scores on indicators for commitment to on-going crises and funding to strengthen local capacity and UN coordination mechanisms. However, the perception of Ireland’s performance by operational actors in the field in comparison to the other donors fluctuates considerably. For example, it is perceived as doing well in comparison with the donor average in the questions relating to the fundamental humanitarian principles of impartiality, neutrality and independence. However, it scores significantly below the average for the question relating to donor capacity to make informed decisions, as well as support for government disaster preparedness and risk reduction and support for better effective coordination.

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