Donor scores: Japan

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Japan is ranked 18th in the 2008 HRI. The country is ranked 14th in Pillar 2 and 16th in Pillar 4. However, Japan also ranked 21st in Pillar 1, the most important Pillar in the Index. By indicator, Japan ranked 5th in distribution of funding relative to ECHO’s Crisis and Vulnerability Indices and 9th in funding to international disaster-risk mitigation mechanisms and timely funding to onset disasters and IFRC emergency appeals. Japan, however, ranked 21st in implementing refugee law and penultimate (22nd) in funding NGOs, forgotten emergencies and crisis countries with historical ties, geographical proximity and low media coverage, as well as in reducing unearmarked funding. How Japan is perceived by operational actors follows relatively closely the average perception of other donors. However, it does slightly better than average in relation to questions regarding the protection of civilians, and respect for human rights, international guidelines for internally displaced people and international humanitarian law. Japan is also perceived to perform better than average in supporting the role of the UN and the primary position of civilian organisations. However, it scores below average in supporting the inclusion of beneficiaries in all cycles of the programme as well as in supporting learning and accountability initiatives and encouraging regular evaluations.

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