Humanitarian Response Index 2010 launched

In 2009, donors provided over 11.5 billion USD in aid to respond to needs of millions of people affected by conflicts and natural disasters around the world. Ensuring that aid is used correctly is no easy task, with humanitarian crises increasing in number and complexity. Today, humanitarian actors face daunting challenges to provide protection and assistance to those in need – often entering into a complex interplay of competing national and international interests related to political, military, security or development concerns. Add tighter budgets to this scenario, and the need for effective and efficient humanitarian assistance becomes more important than ever.

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The Humanitarian Response Index (HRI) 2010 provides an independent and objective assessment of how well the world’s main donor governments are supporting aid efforts. The report reveals increasing politicization and militarization of humanitarian aid by governments, which is compromising aid efforts to assist vulnerable populations and endangering humanitarian workers. The report urges donor governments to adopt a more principled approach in their assistance, and respect the Good Humanitarian Donorship principles as an essential step to make humanitarian aid more effective.

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Findings of the Humanitarian Response Index 2010 – The problems of politicisation

Every year around 350 million people’s lives are shattered by the effects of disaster, conflict and crisis. The Humanitarian Response Index (or HRI), produced by DARA since 2007, assesses the world’s main donor governments in funding and supporting humanitarian action.

Tune in to hear about the overview and findings of the Humanitarian Response Index 2010 report.

Interview with Emma Bonino on the HRI 2010 and the Gaps in Humanitarian Aid

Listen to our interview with Emma Bonino, Former European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, on the HRI 2010 and the gap between and practice and principle in humanitarian aid.

Interview with Ross Mountain, Director of DARA, on the Key Message of the HRI 2010

Listen to an interview with Ross Mountain on the key message of The Humanitarian Response Index 2010.

Ross Mountain is the Director General of DARA and Former Humanitarian Coordinator and UN Deputy Special Representative in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Interview with Philip Tamminga

Listen to an interview with Philip Tamminga, Head of the Humanitarian Response Index, on the findings of this year’s report.

Humanitarian Response Index 2010 Video

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