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The European Commission maintained its 2008 5th place ranking this year. In the rankings by pillar, there was little variation from 2008. The EC scored highest in Pillars 2 (Prevention, risk reduction and recovery) and 5 (Learning and accountability), ranking 3rd in both. Its lowest ranking was in Pillar 3, where it obtained a ranking of 11th amongst the 23 donors assessed.

In terms of specific indicators, the EC ranked highest in several indicators, with 1st place rankings in indicators around timeliness of funding to complex emergencies and, not surprisingly, donor capacity for informed decision-making. The EC also did well in indicators for funding local capacity, support to local and government authorities’ coordination capacity, adapting to changing needs, evaluations of programmes, with 2nd place rankings in each, and 3rd place rankings for beneficiary involvement, and transparency of decision-making. The EC was among the lowest-ranked donors in indicators around flexibility of funding, un-earmarked funding, conditionality of aid, and for its reporting requirements, indicating that this is a consistent set of issues with its operational partners.

The EC’s wide geographic coverage of many different crises is reflected in the number of survey responses gathered by the HRI, well above all other donors. However, it had mixed performance in the different crises studied in the HRI, with the best scores in Afghanistan and Georgia, and slightly above the overall donor average in Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, Ethiopia and Somalia. Its survey scores were below the overall donor average in Colombia, Haiti, Myanmar, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Chad.

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