Donor scores: France

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France is ranked 20th in the 2008 HRI. It ranked 15th in Pillar 5, 20th in Pillars 3 and 4 and second to last in Pillar 2. In its top rankings by indicators, France ranked first in funding to forgotten emergencies and those with low media coverage, 8th in implementing human rights law, 9th in unearmarked funding and 10th in distribution of funding relative to ECHO’s Crisis and Vulnerability Indices and sectoral distribution of funding through UN appeals. The other side of the coin is that France ranked 22nd in funding to strengthen local capacity and 19th in generosity of humanitarian assistance. Overall France is poorly perceived by operational actors in the field. It only scored above the average in questions relating to support to ongoing crises. It has poor scores across the board, but is especially perceived to be performing badly in the questions relating to the respect for the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence and the respect of human rights and international law, longer-term funding and also in involving beneficiaries in design and implementation. It is also perceived as not offering much support to either the role of the ICRC or the UN.

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