Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluations list (Type: Project)

The scale and breadth of DARA’s field research and evaluation work gives the organisation an unparalleled overview of what works well and what does not in aid – based on direct experience and evidence from the field:

Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project: Co-development in the province of Alhucema (Morocco) and the city of Madrid (Spain)

DARA is undertook the mid-term evaluation of the project "Co-development Programme in the province of Alhucemas (Morocco) and the city of Madrid (Spain)". The project is being implemented by the NGO MPDL and it is funded by the City Hall of Madrid. The total [...] Read more...

Ex-post evaluation of the Project «Improving Living Conditions in Deprived Neighbourhoods in Nouakchott»

The project "Improvement of living conditions in deprived neighbourhoods in Nouakchott" was financed by AECI and had a total duration of three years. This project aimed to contribute towards improving the living conditions of 250 families in the Rajaa neighbourhood [...] Read more...

Mid-term evaluation of the Project “Improving living standards through secured housing in underprivileged villages in Namibia”

This project served to provide support to the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) for the construction of 180 new homes and the provision of basic services for a total of 500 homes in 8 settlements. The project focused on three regions in Namibia (Windhoek [...] Read more...

Mid-term evaluation of the Movimiento por la Paz, el Desarme y la Libertad (MDPL) projects in Morocco

DARA undertook the mid-term evaluation of all MPDL projects and activities in Morocco. For this purpose, the Technical Assistance team analysed the number and the typology of the projects that MPDL implements in the country, and defined a representative sample [...] Read more...