Evaluations & technical assistance

System-Wide Evaluations

Identifying gaps and initiating change to improve the humanitarian system as a whole

What are System-Wide evaluations

As well as being commissioned to evaluate specific projects or the overall response to a particular disaster or conflict by a single agency, DARA carries out System-Wide Evaluations.

System-wide evaluations look at the humanitarian response by the whole humanitarian system to a particular disaster or complex emergency. The international response is evaluated across all sectors or themes helping to identify gaps that the international community needs to address.

System-wide evaluations are important for identifying gaps in the delivery of the right aid to the right people at the right time. This is especially the case with donor governments and the key role they play in shaping humanitarian responses. With the aim of improving the overall system’s performance, we created The Humanitarian Response Index.

Inter-Agency Standing Committee Real-Time Evaluations are another example of the system-wide evaluations we undertake. These evaluations improve system-wide learning and accountability.