Evaluations & technical assistance

Real-Time Evaluations

It’s recommendations will help the humanitarian community incorporate key lessons learned into its future disaster response efforts.” Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General, to the General Assembly on Pakistan

What are Real-Time evaluations

DARA was one of the first organizations to have direct experience in Real-Time Evaluations. These are carried out during the early implementation stages of a humanitarian operation. They feedback findings  in a real-time manner for immediate use and decision-making by the client. In the case of Inter-Agency RTEs, the whole humanitarian system benefits from this real-time learning. Real-time evaluations contribute to improved accountability.

Our experience in Real-Time evaluations

We have specific expertise in IA RTEs, an initiative of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC). IA RTEs provide snapshots of the current situation. They seek to unlock inter-agency coordination problems or operational bottlenecks and provide real-time learning to the field. IA RTEs are intended for sudden-onset disasters, or protracted crises undergoing a phase of rapid deterioration or escalating violence.

During our RTEs we carry out workshops with all the humanitarian stakeholders involved in the disaster response. These include donors, governments, Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement national societies, UN agencies and local and international NGOs. These workshops validate conclusions and recommendations and build ownership of the whole evaluation process.