Evaluations & technical assistance

Areas of expertise

DARA has extensive experience in various fields of evaluation, including policies, programmes, projects and organisations. DARA has carried out ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluations and always resorts to a participatory evaluation that takes into account all stakeholders.

We are one of few organisations to have direct experience in conducting Real-Time Evaluations. These are carried out during a humanitarian operation, helping to solve operational challenges as they occur.

We also have special expertise in conducting System-wide evaluations, where the international response to a disaster is evaluated across all sectors, and Thematic and Sector Evaluations, that cover one theme or sector, respectively.

Our experts

DARA’s team is composed of highly skilled professionals with significant experience working in the humanitarian sector, as well as operating in emergencies and difficult post-conflict environments. DARA counts with in-house researchers and evaluators with experience in the study and assessment of humanitarian interventions. Aside from the staffed personnel, DARA has senior evaluators associated to the organisation.

We also collaborate with a close network of renowned senior experts in multidisciplinary fields: humanitarian response, complex emergencies, development policies, education, health, nutrition, food security and livelihoods, safety nets, human security, gender, agriculture, shelter, protection, LRRD, risk reduction and climate change mitigation.