Evaluations & technical assistance

Impact Evaluations

What are Impact evaluations

In addition to carrying out system, real-time, policy and programme evaluations, DARA conducts Impact Evaluations.

Impact evaluations aim to understand how programme outcomes have impacted the assisted populations. They assess the changes in the well-being of individuals that are attributable to the programme, project or policy. Ideally, impact evaluations employ the counterfactual model, which is based on the comparison of quantitative data before and after the evaluation period for both the assisted population and a control group, which is a population as similar as possible to the assisted, but not targeted by the aid. Comparisons are made in terms of a set of selected indicators describing the areas of interest in the evaluation.

DARA has conducted several mixed-method impact evaluations. We have strong methodological competencies in designing analytical frameworks and solid experience applying mixed method techniques, systematizing wide sets of data, conducting counterfactual analysis as well as rigorous contribution and attribution analysis.