Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluations list (Type: Technical assistance)

The scale and breadth of DARA’s field research and evaluation work gives the organisation an unparalleled overview of what works well and what does not in aid – based on direct experience and evidence from the field:

Development and Implantation of an M&E system for FRIDE

The project consisted in the identification, design and support for the implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation system for the Spanish think-tank FRIDE. The final objective of such system is to provide assurance of the academic quality of the publications [...] Read more...

Study on Private Financing of Humanitarian Action 1995-2005

The purpose of this project was to undertake a study of the trends concerning the commercial sector engagement within humanitarian action, a study compiled by DARA and commissioned by the Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI [...] Read more...

Technical Assistance to the Spanish Cooperation in Establishing a Country Development Strategy in Algeria

The need to define a strategy of cooperation in Algeria has turned into a priority due to the increase of bilateral aid and to the recent evolution of this country. Algeria is initiating a in depth political and socio economic reform process. The Spanish Cooperation [...] Read more...

Technical Assistance to the Organising Committee of the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security

One year after the Madrid bombs, the Club of Madrid organised a unique conference, the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security. Its purpose was to build a common agenda on how the community of democratic nations can most effectively confront [...] Read more...

Workshops on Aid Harmonisation and Conflict Prevention in Burkina Faso. Elaboration of the Study “Towards a new Era in Development Aid: Building Effective Institutional Infrastructure in LCDs”

As part of UNDP’s Workshop on aid management tools, DARA reviewed the performance of the DAD database in Afghanistan and other applications such as DCAS, UNICEF’s, DevInfo, and the Egyptian Government’s DECODE. The Secretariat of Development Policy and [...] Read more...

Assessment of the Humanitarian Situation in Sudan, and the Consequences of Inaction for the Conflict Affected Population in Darfur

The assessment study: “Sudan: an unbearable indifference” was commissioned by FRIDE .The report included an assessment of the humanitarian situation in Sudan, and the consequences of inaction for the conflict affected population in Darfur. The report analysed [...] Read more...

Security and Defence Reform in Serbia and Montenegro

The program aimed to encourage and support senior elected officials and other civilian and military leaders in Serbia-Montenegro committed to undertaking critical reform issues. The Club of Madrid brought together experienced international leaders from among the [...] Read more...