Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation Card:
Technical Assistance to the Spanish Cooperation in Establishing a Country Development Strategy in Algeria
3 m/m
Name of client:
Origin of funding:
AECID + Private funds
Dates (start/end):
June 2005
Name of consortium members (if any):

Description of project

The need to define a strategy of cooperation in Algeria has turned into a priority due to the increase of bilateral aid and to the recent evolution of this country. Algeria is initiating a in depth political and socio economic reform process.
The Spanish Cooperation Office in Algeria intends to firmly support this process and focus on consolidating respect to human rights and democracy.
In this context, and given the high interest of Spanish cooperation in supporting this new process in Algeria, the Spanish Cooperation Office has asked DARA to provide technical support for establishing a Country Development Strategy in order to identify the main axis and strategy lines for the period 2005-2008.
DARA recommended Spain to focus on sectors where Spanish cooperation has wide experience and a comparative advantage. One of these sectors is strengthening of local institutions and rural development associations, which curb migration to urban areas and foster socio economic growth in the rural milieu.

The team developed a set of indicators to measure Spanish cooperation performance along with identification of programmes and activities in the areas outlined below:

        • Civil society and citizens’ participation
        • Institutional strengthening
        • Social and human development
        • Support to the economic and business sector
        • Environment
        • Culture and development
        • Gender
        • Conflict prevention and peace building

DARA also performed a SWOT analysis of the Spanish Cooperation strategy in the country based on a participatory approach. DARA conducted two workshops in Algeria with the main stakeholders in order to gather information from grassroots organisations as well as local administrations involved in the implementation of Spanish funded projects and programmes.