Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation Card:
External Evaluation of the International Development Projects funded by the Government of Balearic Islands.
Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru
5 m/m
Name of client:
Government of Balearic Islands
Origin of funding:
Government of Balearic Islands
Dates (start/end):
Jul. – Dec. 2008
Name of consortium members (if any):

Description of project

DARA has conducted external evaluations of 11 international development projects, financed by the Government of Islas Baleares, evaluating both internal processes and results and providing the NGOs that implement the above mentioned projects on the field, with recommendations concerning the improvement of the organizational processes as well as the improvement of the impact and results of the projects. In addition, recommendations have been given also to the Government of Islas Baleares, in order to better support future decisions, mainly as for contracting proceedings, and definition of geographical and sectorial priority areas. Besides the evaluations, the TA team has indentified and prepared a Country strategy and action plan for Ecuador. The results of the evaluations, as well as the main conclusions, lessons learnt, and recommendations have been presented in a workshop – seminar in Palma, meant for the technical staff of the Government of Islas Baleares, and main actors of the international development sector.

The evaluated projects were the following:

  • Integral development of the Dalits Communities. India
  • Microcredit and civil society strengthening in the rural communities of Columbra and Gatazo. Ecuador
  • Working together for the right to a worthy life for the families of small coffeeproducers. Guatemala and Nicaragua
  • Integral Health Plan for the Ashuar Community. Peru
  • Co-development and Migrations. Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia
  • Construction of 4 integral systems of drinking water in Selva Alegre Community. Ecuador
  • Basic Sanitation Plan: providing drinking water to Quiché. Guatemala
  • Improvement of the health conditions in 75 housings of San Pedro. Bolivia
  • Decrease of domestic violence through multidisciplinary cares. Peru

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