Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation Card:
Evaluation of Specific Rehabilitation and Reconstruction projects in the Special Tsunami Plan (PEM) framework
Indonesia, Sri Lanka
Name of client:
Spanish Red Cross Society
Origin of funding:
Spanish Red Cross Society
Dates (start/end):
Oct. 2006 – Jan. 2007
Name of consortium members (if any):

Description of project

DARA carried out an evaluation of five post-emergency projects implemented by the Spanish Red Cross in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The five projects were namely:

1. Environmental clean-up in communities affected by the earthquake in the Galle and Kalutara districts in Sri Lanka. And the remaining four in Indonesia

2. Improvement of water and sanitation conditions in nine temporary living centres for displaced people

3. Improvement of drainage and of hygiene promotion in eight temporary living centres for displaced people, victims of the tsunami in Aceh Barat, in Indonesia

4. Improvement of temporary shelters in five communities in the Aceh Barat affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

5. Provision of agricultural and livestock resources, as well as supplies for small businesses for economic life stabilisation.

The purpose of this assessment was to consider the implementation of five post-emergency projects and to incorporate the lessons learned, be they positive or negative, into everyday procedure of the institution.

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