Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation Card:
Assessment of Spanish Funding in the Response to the Tsunami
3 m/m
Name of client:
Tsunami Evaluation Coalition
Origin of funding:
Private Funds
Dates (start/end):
Jun. 05 – Dec. 05
Name of consortium members (if any):

Description of project

The Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC) was created as an initiative to promote a comprehensive cross sector approach to evaluate the relief, reconstruction, and development aspects of the response to the Tsunami. The purpose of the TEC is to set up mechanisms and procedures to establish a coordinated approach to evaluation in the future, while at the same time serve as a means to facilitate sharing sector-wide lessons learned.

DARA’s study provided an analysis on the funds raised by the general public and corporations and it established a timeline on the flow of funds – at the origin and destination. It also assessed the actors (mostly Spanish NGOS) channelling these funds and their strategies to allocate them. Data collection was done through in person and telephone interviews at companies’ headquarters. It also entailed a telephone survey comprising more than 3,000 individuals, which allowed DARA to establish a certain pattern on the main drivers for private donation.

As for the donor funding study, DARA interviewed the main key stakeholders from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of State, as well as visits to several decentralised bodies which manage their own international development budgets. For all studies undertaken above, DARA developed the questionnaires and the ToR outlining the course of action and the overall study approach. DARA issued a final report where practical recommendations were set forth.

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