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Training session for the CECOD IV course on evaluation of cooperation interventions
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24th November 2009
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Description of project

DARA (LF&SP) did a training session for the CECOD IV course on evaluation of cooperation interventions. The session was part of the last phase of the course, based on real practical experiences. According to this purpose, DARA presented two past evaluation processes – Evaluation of DIPECHO Action Plans in Central America and Evaluation of Specific Rehabilitation and Reconstruction projects in the Special Tsunami Plan (PEM) framework – by defining the main challenges one could encounter in the common steps of the processes – elaboration of methodology, team and timetable; field phase; reporting and dissemination.

The session aimed at really involving the students by making them identify possible solutions to these challenges, as well as recognise the common characteristics versus the singular aspects of each one of the processes.

Previous to this IV course, DARA participated in the III, II and I CECOD Course and presented again the DIPECHO evaluation experience, as well as different theoretical sessions on evaluation criteria and indicators, and evaluation in humanitarian action.