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Evaluation Card:
Study on Complementarities, Competition and Convergence in Humanitarian Quality Assurance

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Name of client:
Origin of funding:
ODI (Overseas Development Institute)
Dates (start/end):
Jan. - Apr. 2007
Name of consortium members (if any):

Description of project

The project consisted in elaborating an independent mapping of complementarities, areas of competition, and options for closer cooperation between members of a group of humanitarian quality assurance organisations. The Group had set in place a number of activities and outcomes in order to promote methodologies for improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian action. The objective of the study was to increase the Group’s potential for greater integration of their products into the debate around quality in the humanitarian sector and specifically regulation, accreditation and certification. Likewise, the study aimed to identity areas for greater cooperation and integration, as well as promoting alternative models and methods for improving quality and accountability in the humanitarian sector.