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Evaluation Card:
Review of the Donors Response Synthesis to the Tsunami
2 m/m
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Dates (start/end):
Nov. 2005 – Jan. 2006
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Description of project

The TEC was created as an initiative to promote a comprehensive cross sector approach to evaluate the relief, reconstruction, and development aspects of the response to the Tsunami. The purpose of the TEC is to set up mechanisms and procedures to establish a coordinated approach to evaluation in the future, while at the same time serve as a means to facilitate sharing sector-wide lessons learned.

DARA was commissioned to carry out the analysis of several donors’ funding response to the Tsunami. The overall funding study was organized to provide a comprehensive analysis of the overall funding activity by analysing the role that key state donors, UN agencies, the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, international and local NGOs, and finally individual and corporate contributions played in the crises’ relief efforts. The objective was to assess the appropriateness and volume of the financial contribution analysing different aspects of the allocation of funds as well as fundraising activities.  The evaluation utilised case studies from 11 donor countries who voluntarily contributed to participate, and the European Commission.

A significant part of DARA’s scope of work in the Donor Funding Thematic Group was to draft the synthesis of the donors as well as NGOs response to the emergency and relief operation to the Tsunami. DARA coordinated the flow of information between the different team members involved in drafting donor funding reports, incorporated updated data on donors’ individual country reports, and finalised analysed and crosschecked that all data were accurate and updated.

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