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Evaluation Card:
Mixed Method Impact Evaluation The Contribution of Food Assistance to Durable Solutions in Protracted Refugee Situations: Its impact and role in Chad
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Dates (start/end):
March – September 2012
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Description of project

The objective of the evaluation was to provide evidence and inspiration for future strategies to improve the contribution of food assistance to increased self-reliance and potentially to durable solutions for both refugees and host populations in protracted refugee situations in southern Chad.

The evaluation was conducted to:
a) Assess the outcomes and impact of food assistance provided to refugees in relation to stated objectives (intended) – whether food security and protection, nutrition, and/or rebuilding livelihoods – and the effects (including unintended) of this on the host populations that influenced the potential for achieving durable solutions.
b) Make recommendations to minimize negative effects and optimize positive effects in order to increase the potential for finding durable solutions.
The evaluation consisted of three phases:
1. Inception phase – desk review, Inception mission and inception report
2. Field phase – Quantitative and qualitative research in 8 refugee camps and surrounding villages.
3. Reporting phase

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