Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation Card:
Intermediate Evaluation of the Project “Peace building in the Balkans through actions that contribute to the respect of ethnic and cultural diversity among youth and children of the Balkans region, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia.”
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia
Name of client:
Spanish Red Cross Society
Origin of funding:
Spanish Red Cross / Spanish International Development Agency (AECID)
Dates (start/end):
Jan.- Mar. 2008
Name of consortium members (if any):

Description of project

Spanish Red Cross (SRC) supports peace-building and conflict resolution efforts in the Balkans. Focus of interventions is on respect for human rights, tolerance, peace-building and reconciliation. Interventions are designed from a multicultural perspective given the complex cultural situation of both Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

SRC works through local partners, Red Cross Serbia and Red Cross Bosnia-Herzegovina. The aim is to strengthen partners’ capacity to carry on similar activities in the future.

Activities are carried out in schools; in Serbia Red Cross Youth Volunteers are responsible for organising the sessions together with teachers whereas in Bosnia-Herzegovina it is the teachers, together with RC facilitators, who organises the sessions. All sessions follow a design that progressively builds up knowledge of each individual starting from his/her immediate surroundings to more complex issues related to human rights and multicultural respect and understanding. Complementary activities are also carried out outside schools to i) strengthen issues from school-sessions and ii) reach a larger population.