Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation Card:
Evaluation of a Cross-Border Project in Ipiranga covering vulnerable unregistered populations
Brazil, Paraguay
Name of client:
Asociación Comité Ipiranga
Origin of funding:
Private funds
Dates (start/end):
October-December 2005
Name of consortium members (if any):

Description of project

The Asociación Comité Ipiranga (ACI) offers social support to unregistered rural populations that do not have access to basic public social services. DARA’s team evaluated three aspects of the support projects ACI implements: health, education, and food security (including infant nutrition).

The evaluation approach was formative. The team evaluated ACI’s food programmes in terms of access to food, availability of goods and the use the population gave to the food items provided by ACI’s programme.  DARA combined quantitative and qualitative analysis methods, which were based on a variety of secondary and primary information sources. DARA’s team also utilised different instruments for measurement and research such as nutritional analysis and data on food supply in relation to the basic basket and systematic triangulation of the information.

In addition, the evaluation comprised an analysis of the health programmes implemented by ACI in the Lábrea region in Brasil. ACI’s services focuses in the provision of healthcare for the prevention and treatment of Hanseniasis (leprosy). DARA’s team visited the locality’s healthcare facilities as well as representative number of affected population, both in Lábrea and in some remote communities living along the riverside, in order to understand their difficulty in accessing healthcare services. Furthermore, the team interviewed the medical staff in charge of providing medical assistance, an Augustine mission which offers health vocational training, and the main local authorities.