Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation of UN Women’s Contribution to Humanitarian Action


Dara is currently conducting the global corporate thematic evaluation of UN Women’s contribution to humanitarian action, which is now in the reporting phase. The team has completed field missions to Cameroon, Bangladesh, Colombia, South Sudan, and Jordan, as well multiple visits to headquarters in New York and Geneva. The evaluation examines the role of UN Women in working to ensure humanitarian response is gender-sensitive and that the needs and rights of crisis affected women and girls are met.

The scope of the evaluation is global and focuses on UN Women’s work on humanitarian action from 2014 to present, with consideration of the humanitarian activities conducted by UN Women between 2011-2013. The evaluation process began in September 2018 and will be finalised in June 2019. The data collection phase involved extensive interviews, focus group discussions, observation of UN Women’s activities, surveys, self-assessment questionnaires and an in-depth portfolio analysis of 40 countries. The evaluation seeks to inform UN Women’s future humanitarian strategy.