Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation of UNICEF´s Response to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

DARA is conducting an evaluation of UNICEF´s response to hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

The main purpose of the evaluation is to assess UNICEF’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti as a consequence of hurricane Mathew with the objective of drawing lessons for future emergencies, providing critical feedback to ongoing UNICEF programs as well as informing the transition from response to recovery efforts, and capacity building of UNICEF Haiti.

Additionally, the evaluation will aim at strengthening accountability and transparency to UNICEF’s partners and donors.

The evaluation is framed by the IASC Guidelines for integrating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Humanitarian Actions, and incorporates a gender lens in all aspects of the assessment with a focus on protection and GBV.

The field mission for the evaluation has been completed and the team are now working on the reporting phase.