Evaluations & technical assistance

Evaluation of WFP’s role in nutrition and sector coordination in the Saharawi Refugee camps

DARA is currently leading the evaluation of the Nutrition Components of the Algeria PRRO 200301 to inform reformulation of WFP´s role in nutrition and sector coordination. The evaluation examines the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation, particularly its nutrition components, including the respective sector coordination mechanisms in the Sahrawi Refugee camps. This decentralized evaluation began in September 2017 and ends in March 2018 and the coverage period is the same as the PRRO, namely January 2013 to 31 December 2017. The PRRO supports the Sahrawi refugees living in five camps located in south-western Algeria. The overall nutrition situation of the refugee population remains of concern, mainly regarding the prevalence of anemia, high rates of overweight and obesity. The evaluation is expected to feed into the re-formulation of the nutrition elements of the PRRO. The evaluation will also provide key insights for WFP Country Office Algeria to re-design its role in nutrition within the Sahrawi context, as well as highlight roles, responsibilities and forms of contribution to the food security and nutrition sectors to improve nutrition in the camps.

The team spent 17 days at the Sahrawi camps to lead interviews, focus group discussions and observations with various stakeholders, namely the Sahrawi Red Crescent (MLRS), WFP, UNHCR and the Sahrawi authorities, among others. DARA also implemented an innovative participatory methodology called Photovoice, where participants were asked to give their point of view of their nutrition situation using photography. Various focus group discussions were held where each participant brought their photographs and discussed them based on indications given by the evaluation team members. This methodology was complemented by a Storytelling phase where a photographer took pictures of the surroundings accompanied by one-on-one interviews to illustrate the visuals.