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WFP Operation Evaluation in Iran

wfp_iran_afghan_womenEvaluation of WFP’s food assistance and education incentive support for Afghan and Iraqi refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

DARA conducted an Operation Evaluation for the World Food Programme (WFP) in Iran. Iran hosts the second largest number of refugees in the world, 95 percent originating from Afghanistan and 5 percent from Iraq. The majority of the refugees live in urban areas, but a significant number live in 19 refugee settlements with very limited livelihood options. Their livelihood vulnerability is further compounded by their lack of access to the government safety net programme, land for farming or keeping livestock, and formal employment.

DARA’s evaluation assessed WFP’s support to refugees in the settlements and the extent to which the Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation improved vulnerable households’ food consumption and increased access to education and human capital development for refugee girls and youth. The evaluation served the dual and mutually reinforcing objectives of accountability and learning, assessing the performance and results of the operation and deriving good practices and pointers for learning to inform operation and strategic decision-making.

Read the Mid-term Evaluation Report.