Evaluations & technical assistance

UNICEF West and Central Africa evaluation of capacity development initiatives in Education in Emergencies

UNICEF has contracted two DARA consultants to carry out an evaluation of its capacity development initiatives on emergency preparedness and response (EPR) and Conflict/Disaster Risk Reduction (C/DRR) in the education sector, and its impact on institutionalisation efforts in 24 countries in the West and Central Africa region (WCAR).

The West and Central Africa region is becoming increasingly vulnerable to disasters triggered by both natural and man-made hazards: floods, droughts, storms, environmental degradation, diseases such as HIV and AIDS, meningitis, cholera, malaria, as well as conflict, political instability, poverty, food and livelihood insecurity.

The evaluation, which is being led by Sharon Wright, will assess how the capacity development initiative has increased the education sector’s contribution to better prediction, prevention and preparedness for emergencies due to natural disasters and conflict.

Field visits are being conducted to 5 of the countries: Chad, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cape Verde.

The study will run until the end of March 2012.