Donor scores: Canada

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Canada ranks 12th in this year’s Humanitarian Response Index. Based on its scores it is classified as Group 2 donor. This classification allows Canada to compare its performance, not only to all other Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development/Development Assistance Committee (OECD/DAC) donors, but also to a sub-group of donors whose performance is similar. The other Group 2 donors include Australia, the European Commission, Germany, Greece, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States. Overall, Canada is an average donor in the five “pillars” – groupings of the key concepts of the Principles of Good Humanitarian Donorship, which the donors have committed to respect. The only pillar is scored below average on was Pillar 5 (Learning and accountability), which includes its lowest score of the index for its support of humanitarian accountability initiatives. Canada is particularly good at providing funding for sudden onset disaster (e.g. flooding or earthquakes) in a timely manner, yet one of the slowest donors to respond to complex emergencies (e.g. armed conflict). Canada is average at 21 of the 35 indicators that comprise the Humanitarian Response Index, and below average for only six indicators.

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