Why support us

Each year more than 200 million people are affected by disasters. In 2011 humanitarian needs continued to rise and UNHCR recorded the number of people forcibly displaced worldwide at 43.7 million, the highest number in 15 years. However, the international response continued to inadequately anticipate, prevent, prepare for and respond to increasing humanitarian crises, as demonstrated by the famine crisis in the Horn of Africa, proving that DARA’s work is more needed than ever.


Here are some of the ways we helped in 2011:
  • The UK government fully adopted the recommendations from the independent Humanitarian Emergency Response Review, directed by DARA DG, Ross Mountain
  • The Humanitarian Response Index turned five. The HRI is now acknowledged as a key reference on donor policies and practices, anticipating and shaping debates within the aid community
  • Findings and recommendations of evaluations in Somalia and Pakistan served to shape the international response to the crises
  • The Climate Vulnerable Forum Ministerial Meeting helped position DARA as a leading organization on climate vulnerability issues
  • Our Risk Reduction Initiative moved from the pilot phase in Central America to full implementation in West Africa, enabling risk factors to be compared across continents
  • Over 700 published new stories, increased online presence and thousands of DARA reportsand publications distributed