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Humanitarian Response Index

Improving aid transparency, accountability and impact of aid efforts

As the largest donor in absolute terms, the US has a leading role and influence in the humanitarian sector, in terms of its capacity to respond, field presence and commitment to learning and improving performance in the sector.

The current financial crises and devastating impacts of disasters and conflicts mean that we have to work collectively to maximize our aid efforts and achieve more with less resources.

Through our work on aid effectiveness and donor accountability, we ensure that money spent on the response to disasters and conflicts is used efficiently, effectively and accountably, and has the maximum benefit for the millions affected by crises each year.

DARA’s Humanitarian Response Index is our flagship product on aid effectiveness and donor accountability. Over the past five years, we have been measuring and analyzing how the main OECD/DAC governments have supported and funded the response to crises, including the United States. By monitoring and evaluating how governments and other donors fund and support crises responses we can ensure that the right aid gets to the right people at the right time.

Our US presence and recently obtained 501(c)(3) status will allow us to more effectively share our knowledge and expertise on how the US government, aid organizations, civil society and the private sector can maximize their considerable resources for the benefit of people at risk of disasters, conflicts and climate change.

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