Climate Change Vulnerability

Climate Vulnerability Initiative

Raising awareness on the humanitarian consequences of climate change

Increasing vulnerability to the impacts of climate change is a reality today, particularly experienced through frequent and complex disasters, loss of livelihood and disease. No country remains unaffected.

Our work on climate vulnerability helps to transform complicated scientific and economic data into accessible and understandable information at the country level on how climate change is affecting people today, how it will evolve over time, and the practical measures that can help minimize the vulnerability and human impact of climate changes today and in the coming decades. We work with governments and civil society in some of the world’s most climate vulnerable countries to help ensure their voices, perspectives and concerns are not lost in the climate change debate.

But it is not just developing countries that suffer the worst impacts of climate change. According to DARA’s Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2010, the US and Spain are the only advanced economies to register a high overall vulnerability, in a category together with developing countries such as Gabon, Laos and Turkmenistan.

The US suffers the most economic losses of any country at close to 30 billion dollars a year today. It is also among the top-10 countries worst affected by desertification and sea-level rise.

We aim to increase our climate-related activities in the US and engage with policy makers and civil society organizations to increase awareness and accountability in the face of real and growing damages and suffering caused by climate change.

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