HRI 2011 field research: Haiti

Building back better?

Two years after the earthquake that caused massive destruction to the country and two subsequent cholera epidemics, long-term recovery efforts are still inadequate. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians still live in temporary shelters, and the country is ill-prepared to face future crises. While many mistakes have been made, there are still opportunities for humanitarian actors to focus on living up to the promises made to Haiti, working with them to rebuild and renew.

The team interviewed humanitarian organisations and donor agencies, and collected 133 questionnaires on donor performance (including 93 OECD/DAC donors).

Read the FOCUS ON Haiti report

FOCUS ON is a series of research papers on issues, donors and crises which result from our work for The Humanitarian Response Index (HRI). The HRI is an independent assessment of donor performance against Good Humanitarian Donorship Principles.

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