Switzerland Overall Performance

Switzerland ranked 6th in the HRI 2011, improving one position from 2010. Based on the pattern of its scores, Switzerland is classified as a Group 1 donor. Donors in this group tend to perform above average in all pillars. Other Group 1 donors are Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Switzerland’s global score was above the OECD/DAC average, but below the Group 1 average. Similarly, Switzerland scored above the OECD/DAC average in all pillars, with the exception of Pillar 2 (Prevention, risk reduction and recovery). It scored below the Group 1 average in all pillars, except for Pillar 1 (Responding to needs), where it scored above average.

Compared to its OECD/DAC peers, Switzerland did best in the indicators on Participating in accountability initiatives, Funding accountability initiatives, International humanitarian law, Funding international risk mitigation and Advocacy towards local authorities. Its scores were relatively the lowest in the indicators on Funding reconstruction and prevention, Funding NGOs, Reducing climate-related vulnerability, Prevention and risk reduction and Human rights law.

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