Humanitarian Response Index

The Humanitarian Response Index is an innovative civil society initiative that annually ranks donor governments on the quality, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of their humanitarian assistance. The HRI provides an independent assessment of donor performance, to assist governments in ensuring that their funding has the greatest possible impact for people in critical need of aid. The HRI specifically targets improvements in the humanitarian aid policies and practices of 23 of the world’s main government donors. Together, these donors contributed approximately $12 billion in aid in 2009, to support the needs of over 350 million people affected by disasters, conflicts and emergencies. As the key funders of humanitarian assistance, governments play a crucial role in ensuring that humanitarian needs are met effectively and efficiently. By promoting good practice and more transparency and accountability of government donors, the HRI contributes to maximizing the impact of governments’ humanitarian assistance.

The HRI is an independently funded project that is not government financed. Currently, independent multi-year financing is provided through private philanthropy, AVINA Stiftung and the Dutch National Postcode Lottery.

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