Donor Policies & Practices

“As humanitarian disasters become more frequent and more devastating, failure to put women’s safety and empowerment at the centre of responses will undermine the effectiveness of relief efforts. In this regard, the HRI 2011 provides valuable analysis and recommendations on how we can collectively move forward.”
Michelle BacheletExecutive Director UN Women

Climate Change Vulnerability

“The Maldives stands at the climate change frontline. So it has always been crystal clear to us what must be done. But what happens to the Maldives today, will happen to others tomorrow. The Monitor helps to bring that clarity of vision to the entire world. We aim to become carbon neutral as a country by 2020. Those who follow our lead and adopt renewable energy and green technologies will be the winners of the twenty‐first century.”
Mohamed NasheedPresident of the Maldives (2008-2012)

Evaluations & Technical Assistance

“The report is based on an evaluation of the humanitarian response in south-central Somalia and is one of the most comprehensive evaluations of aid in Somalia ever conducted. […] Implementing the recommendations will improve our efforts to alleviate the effects of famine, drought and conflict on the lives of four million people in Somalia.”
Mark BowdenHumanitarian Coordinator for Somalia