Greece Overall Performance

Greece is not included in the overall ranking, as insufficient survey responses were obtained to calculate the qualitative indicators that make up the index. Based on the patterns of its quantitative scores, Greece’s overall scores in the HRI’s quantitative indicators were below the OECD/DAC average. Greece scored below the OECD/DAC and Group 3 average in all pillars, with the exception of Pillar 1, where it scored above the OECD/DAC and Group 3 average, and Pillar 3, where it scored below the OECD/DAC average, yet above the Group 3 average. Compared to its OECD/DAC peers, Greece did best in the indicators on Un-earmarked funding and Timely funding to sudden onset emergencies. Its scores were relatively the lowest in indicators on Participating in accountability initiatives, Funding accountability initiatives, Funding and commissioning evaluations, Funding reconstruction and prevention and Funding UN and RC/RC appeals.

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