European Commission Overall Performance

The EC ranked 7th in the HRI 2011, dropping one position from last year. Based on the patterns of its scores, the EC is classified as a Group 2 donor. Donors in this group tend to perform slightly below average in all pillars, with the exception of Pillar 2 (Prevention, risk reduction and recovery), where they score well below average, and Pillar 5 (Learning accountability), where they are close to average. Other Group 2 donors include Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The EC’s overall score is above the OECD/DAC and Group 2 averages. The EC scored above the OECD/DAC and Group 2 averages on all pillars, with the exception of Pillar 1 (Responding to needs), where it scored below the OECD/DAC and Group 2 averages. In all pillars, the EC scores significantly higher in the qualitative, survey based indicators than in the quantitative indicators. The EC did best compared to its OECD/DAC peers in the indicators on Funding NGOs, Participating in accountability initiatives, Funding accountability initiatives, Implementing evaluation recommendations and Facilitating safe access. Its scores were relatively the lowest in indicators on Un-earmarked funding, Timely funding to sudden onset emergencies, and Timely funding to complex emergencies, Flexibility of funding and Appropriate reporting requirements.

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