The Refugee Response Index (RRI)

DARA is currently developing, in conjunction with strategic partners, practitioners and experts, the Refugee Response Index (RRI). This initiative seeks to measure countries’ response to refugees.  At a time when the need to uphold the refugee protection system is more crucial than ever, with one out of every 122 persons in the world is a refugee, it´s essential that we reinvigorate the spirit and principles of the 1951 Refugee Convention, boost country response in support of refugees and reverse the current trend of growing restrictive refugee policies.

The RRI includes all countries with refugee populations and/or contributing to sustaining the global refugee protection system in an effort to consolidate and improve information in a meaningful way and dispel myths related to refugees.

Moreover, the RRI sets out to establish a baseline of country performance for the 2018 Global Compact on Refugees, which was announced by the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants adopted by all States of the international community on 19 September 2016. The Declaration reaffirms State’s obligations to fully respect the human rights of refugees and migrants, pledges robust support to countries affected by large movements of refugees and migrants, and urges all States to enhance migration management and governance. With a focus on particularly vulnerable situations, the Declaration further stresses the need to strengthen international cooperation with regard to rescue en route, reception at borders, combating xenophobia and encouraging inclusion. The RRI will measure country performance against these principles, targets and commitments.

Contact: Luis Peral,