Climate Vulnerability Initiative

Responding to Climate Suffering

The Climate Vulnerability Initiative (CVI) is a bold new project of DARA that aims to improve communication on the human impact of climate change, promote constructive international climate leadership, and enhance global policy responses to this challenge.  DARA is bringing to the climate domain its international network and years of specialist expertise in assessing humanitarian and development assistance.

A New Global Report on Climate Vulnerability

The Climate Vulnerability Initiative developed a major new report on climate vulnerability launched in December 2010 in conjunction with the UN Climate Conference at Cancún, Mexico (COP-16). The report distills foremost science and research for a clearer explanation of how and where populations are being affected by climate change already today and in the near future, while pointing to key actions that reduce these impacts.

The Most Vulnerable at the Centre

The Climate Vulnerability Initiative supports strategic meetings and communication of the Climate Vulnerable Forum – a unique global partnership of countries most vulnerable to climate change from across Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific. The Climate Vulnerable Forum channels an ambitious perspective into international policy-making driven by hard-to-ignore messages from the climate frontlines that bring a greater focus to the needs of most vulnerable groups.

Constructive Climate Leadership

Climate Vulnerable Forum countries do not just speak out, they act. The First Declaration of the Climate Vulnerable Forum spells out their intention to pursue a rapid path to a low-carbon world. Several Forum countries have already pledged to attain carbon neutrality by 2020-25. The Initiative helps climate vulnerable countries lead the world into the green economy.