UN OCHA Global Challenges Study

UN OCHA has commissioned DARA to carry out the “Global Challenges Study” on how to better anticipate and prepare for the humanitarian impact of global trends and future challenges. The study aims to help humanitarian organizations and decision-makers assess risks and vulnerabilities as well as opportunities and capacities that can be found to minimise the impact of future crises.

Over the past decades, global challenges – such as climate change, social and economic inequity, health epidemics, population growth, demographic changes, and urbanisation – have contributed significantly to increasing vulnerability and humanitarian needs.  Our own research and evaluations suggest that the humanitarian sector is ill-equipped to anticipate and respond to the effects of these global trends, and has limited capacity to respond to growing demands. The challenge is to transform the humanitarian sector from a mostly reactive and response-driven model, to one that is better able to anticipate, prepare for and reduce risks and vulnerabilities to crises.

Some of the questions the study will ask include: what are the most important global trends that are most likely to effect – either positively or negatively – on needs and vulnerabilities?  How can the humanitarian sector better anticipate and prepare for future crises? And how do we strengthen capacities and resilience at all levels to better confront these challenges?

What do you think? We would like to hear your thoughts.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Send your comments to info@daraint.org.