Interview with Javier Diaz Carmona: Climate vulnerability

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We all have to come together. The Climate Vulnerable Forum is a neutral territory for finding common ground to move forward within the negotiations of climate change.

Javier Diaz Carmona discusses climate vulnerability in Costa Rica and Central America, the ongoing climate negotiations, and Costa Rica hosting the next Climate Vulnerable Forum.

Mr. Diaz is the Ambassador of Costa Rica for Climate Change and Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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On climate vulnerability in Central America

Well I think the major challenges for the Central American countries concerning vulnerability is the burden of national disasters right now related to climate change which are more severe and more frequent. That puts a lot of pressure on our GDP because we have to use our development resources addressed to many other sectors to eradicate the causes, the immediate causes of all these disasters. And then mobilising also populations from one party to another part of the country, this is in general terms in Central America.

How is Costa Rica coping with climate challenges?

Costa Rica is vulnerable. I think, from all the measures that we have been taking for years now on mitigation and adaptation. And the best asset we have is reforestation, we have been reforesting the country. And the authorities have all been trying to work in a coordinated manner in order to make the country less vulnerable and our population also more aware.

On the ongoing global climate negotiations

The involvement of developing countries will be crucial. Not only to leave the whole responsibility to developed countries. But also the role of developed countries in reducing emissions globally, every country counts on this. That means a global responsibility as well.

Costa Rica’s pledge for carbon neutrality

Well we aspire to be carbon-neutral in 2021. And we are trying to work all-together – private sector, government, as well as taking some measures and we will continue in doing that. We have to rely as well, not only in external aid, but also in what we can do nationally. We will continue showing the world that a tiny country can do great things as well.

On Costa Rica hosting the next Climate Vulnerable Forum, a global partnership of countries highly vulnerable to climate change

We have to come all together. This forum, which is completely outside the negotiation, could be a very good ground to come all together as well. I think this is like a neutral territory. We hope that in Costa Rica this forum will be joined by many other countries and then we can find a common ground to move forward with this issue within the negotiations of climate change.