Inauguration of the preparatory meeting summary

From left to right, Ross Mountain, Neal Walker, Mohamed Mijarul Quayes, Mesbah ul Alam, Sufiur Rahman, Ali T. Sheik.

  • Welcome statement by Director General (Eco Affairs), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Md Sufiur Rahman
  • Statements by Asia Director, Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), Mr. Ali T. Sheikh
  • Resident Coordinator, United Nations System, Mr. Neal Walker
  • Director General, DARA, Mr. Ross Mountain
  • Secretary in Charge of the Ministry of Environment and Forests of Bangladesh, Mr. Mesbah ul Alam
  • Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh, Ambassador Mohammed Miljarul Quayes

Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Md Sufiur Rhaman introduced the inauguration thanking Maldives and Kiribati for initiating the CVF and expressing that it is time for Bangladesh to reflect its contribution to be watershed in terms of building up the Forum as a major actor in international affairs. It also aims to ensure highest pubic awareness to the plight and perspectives of the vulnerable countries in the Forum.

Mr. Ali T. Sheikh, Asia Director from Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) continues “CDKN is a facilitator and enabler and CVF is a building block”. It is a process to address the challenges and progress on climate finance is particularly slow and this needs to be reflected in the declaration, the division looking forward to this leadership bringing all together.

Mr. Ross Mountain, Director General of DARA, hoped that countries will agree on key issues where progress can be made during the meeting and that vulnerable countries can push for actions. “The impact of climate change is manifest around us and affects populations everywhere”.

Mr. Neal Walker, Resident Coordinator United Nations System expressed the importance of the meeting and suggested that the countries represented should aim to capture the best ideas, including identify the most important technology needed, that is green, clean and sustainable. “Climate change is powerful and real phenomenon.” He referred to the personal interest of and support that the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has taken towards climate vulnerable countries in the Forum. He also expressed the strong support of the UNDP in all Climate Vulnerable Forum countries and neighbors to work with governments to tackle the impact of climate change and promote green growth, including helping countries to access climate finance.

Secretary in Charge of the Ministry of Environment and Forests of Bangladesh, Mr Mesbah ul Alam stated that Bangladesh, like assembled States, is one of the hardest hit yet the least contributor to the climate change. He hoped that the Climate Vulnerable Forum would take an important role in the climate talks and beyond.

Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh, Ambassador Mohammed Miljarul Quayes ended the inauguration of the preparatory meeting session by expressing that a global response is needed and that this meeting can help to make the most vulnerable countries to be heard, and to have a voice. “Durban (COP17) is not just an destination, we need to look beyond.”

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